Getting results in a timely, efficient and professional manner is a given in the personnel consulting industry; fail to do so and you swiftly become part of business history.
So just what is it that sets Auslink apart from our competitors?

• Once we have identified candidates with appropriate qualifications and experience, we place great emphasis on assessing the less tangible attributes of the candidate such as personality style, work ethic, integrity, commercial acumen and people skills. This expertise has evolved from years of assessment of individuals and also to some degree is shown by how candidates present their own resumes. For this reason we present resumes in their original form.


• The style and strategic positioning of our advertising generates cost effective, consistent and high quality response.

• We adopt a relaxed, conversational approach to interviewing candidates. We find that we get most out of each applicant when they are at ease and treated as an individual.

• Although we always offer a replacement guarantee to our clients, we are rarely called upon to honour it - because we pride ourselves on getting it right the first time.
Our Mission Statements;
"To bring the finest recruitment service, to selected clients who demand the highest level of personalised attention with the minimum of fuss."
"To establish a professional, close working relationship built on mutual trust and respect."
"To uphold an intrinsic code of ethics particularly in relation to confidentiality concerning both client and candidate information."